You Be You.

I’ll Be Me.

I am:

Friendly, Creative, Flexible, Cool, Stylish, Social, Entrepreneurial, Trendy, Purposeful, Original, Hardworking, Independent, Funny & Relaxed.

What words describe you?

Let's translate them into Optical Poetry.

Our Philosophy.

Mediocrity is unacceptable.
Try something new; you just might love it!
Care what YOU think of YOU.
Keep looking UP!
Trust God’s plan.
Be great at something!
Good vibes ONLY.
Love who you are.
Always be learning.
Create every day.
Change is inevitable; embrace it.

What We Do.

We are known for our BOLD, DYNAMIC, AUTHENTIC senior photos that fulfill the vision of the senior client we are shooting.

Our experience and skills with Photoshop set our photos apart from the typical senior photographer.

Together, with our clients, we use a combination of imagination, wardrobe and makeup choices, posing, location selection and post-production to create REMARKABLE images that STAND OUT.

Our Latest