Meet #OPPSenior Model, Shae

If you are thinking, "this girl looks familiar", it's probably because this is her 2nd year as one of my models. Shae is the first #OPPRisingStar to cross-over to the #OPPSenior Model team. I take it as a huge compliment that she liked working with me enough last year that she wanted to do it again. If you have checked out the sneak peek from her senior session, then I think you will agree that our experience working together has paid off! They are some of my favorites to date. Look for more amazing pics throughout the year!

Hometown: Allen

Nickname: Sha Sha

Favorite candy: Twizzlers

Favorite drink: Iced Caramel Macchiato

Dream Job: Patent lawyer for fashion designers

Celebrity Crush: Kermit or Shawn Mendes

Biggest Accomplishment So Far In High School: Top 10% of photographers in TX Unusual Talent That I Have: I can predict my exact arrival time when driving

Favorite Place On Earth: Sunview Cafe

Favorite Song: anything by The Struts

Person I Most Want To Meet: Anna Wintour

Favorite Things In My Closet: Its nearly impossible to pick just one, but my current favorite is a leopard print mini dress

Favorite Stores to Shop for Clothes: Thrift shops!!!

Something I Wish I Were Better At: Math. No contest.

3 Things I Can't Live Without: Grace Nguyen, Gaby Garcia, iced coffee.

Something I Always Have In My Purse or Backpack: hair ties

I Love Optical Poetry Because (Shameless Plug!): Who couldn't love Optical Poetry?? I love the photographer, her editing style, and her creativity!

My Goal After High School: Get a BA in fashion PR/advertising, and then go to law school for patent law! I intend on either working creatively with designers or representing them in court.

My Hobbies: Photography, fashion design, telling bad jokes

Favorite Fictional Character: Edna Mode

The Last Good Book I Read: The Things They Carried

When I Grow Up I Want To Be: I want to be someone with enough of a platform to help those less privileged.

My Favorite Dessert: Chocolate chip pancakes

What I'm Excited About For My Senior Year: Graduation, passing the baton, and AP Gov A Random Fact About Myself: I, cleverly, named my dog "Muffin".

My Friends Would Describe Me As: A wild child with a loud laugh and a big heart.

3 Things No One Knows About Me1. I love horror movies 2. I love Selena Quintanilla 3. I accidentally swam with a shark in Mex.

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