"My goal is to show the individual personality of each client, big or small."

My name is Stacie Luna Weever and I am the owner and photographer of Optical Poetry. I am a lifelong artist who can draw, paint, crochet, sew and of course create beautiful photographs. Until I began this business in 2015, I did not know that a person could truly LOVE their work. I thank God each night that I am blessed to be one of the few who can honestly say that I love what I do. I hope that the love shows in my work.


I am known for my BOLD, DYNAMIC, AUTHENTIC senior photos that fulfill the vision of the senior client I am shooting.

My experience and skills with Photoshop set my photos apart from the typical senior photographer. I use my artistic view of the world, coupled with my years of knowledge working in Photoshop to create what I see in my imagination.

Together, with my clients, I use a combination of imagination, wardrobe and makeup choices, posing, location selection and post-production to create REMARKABLE images that STAND OUT.


Mediocrity is unacceptable.

Try something new; you just might love it!

Care what YOU think of YOU.

Keep looking UP!

Trust God’s plan.

Be GREAT at something!

Good vibes ONLY.

Love who you are.

Always be learning.

Create every day.

​Change is inevitable; embrace it.

Always be real; fake people are annoying.


I am a national award-winning children’s photographer, but I’m also a mom, and I look at kids through the eyes of a mom.


I know that some of the most cherished photos you'll ever have of your children are not the perfectly posed, clean-faced, well-dressed, sweet-smiling photos that our parents wanted, but rather the authentic, digging in the mud, feet in the cake, finger up the nose sort of moments that can't be duplicated and will never be forgotten (future boyfriend or girlfriends beware!).


Now that my own kids are in high school, I think the little things that young kids do are seriously funny, though I realize that right now, you might not see the humor. I promise you, in 10 years, it will become clear when you look at the photos we create together.


Optical Poetry is a laid back, high-end portrait experience that begins with collaborative planning of wardrobe and location and ends with the delivery of your artwork as gallery-wrap canvas collections, gorgeous albums and heirloom quality prints to be cherished for generations.

KIDS - Let's Get Real!

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