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So, You Want #ModelStatus??

I know that every senior photographer has a model team, so why should you choose to be an #OPPsenior Influencer?
Optical Poetry...
  • was named one of the Top 100 Photographers to Follow by Senior Inspire Magazine
  • has been nationally published 14 times in print magazines including 
    D Magazine, Inspiring Teens, Senior Inspire, SeniorMUSE, Senior Year Magazine, and Modern Teen Style
  • had one of the top 100 senior images in the WORLD according to Shoot & Share
  • has 2 former Influencers who have signed with modeling agencies using pictures we created together

Who are We Looking For?

ANY class of 2024 senior can be a model in our program! We base our decisions not only on looks but on personality, activities, and eagerness to be in our program. We are looking for seniors who are outgoing, comfortable in front of the camera, and who are striving to be GREAT at something. This can be a sport, an extra-curricular, a hobby, anything!

More Info

(of course, if your application is accepted we’ll go over the program in detail with you and your parents before you commit to anything)

  • All models agree to have their senior portraits photographed in the Fall semester of their senior year or the summer before.

  • Participate in model sessions throughout the year so you can try out different looks, awesome locations and have fun with the team, at no additional cost.

  • Senior models will be asked to help us get the word out about us to their friends. Simple tags, feature us in your stories, help us with twitter and Instagram followers, etc... Don’t sweat it! It’s easy!

What Will You Get?

  • Models get to participate in themed photo shoots throughout the year in addition to their own personalized senior session.

  • You will be featured in our advertising and on our website and social media.

  • You can earn hundreds in "BONUSES" if any of your friends have a session completed with Optical Poetry and tell us you sent them.

    NOTE: If you recruit other 2022 MODELS, you get the SAME bonuses, hint, hint, go grab your friends, get them to apply and let's have the most fun senior year ever! Yes, we'll do a friend group session with all of the models you recruited and YOU, of course!

What Cost is Involved?

  • There is no additional fee to be a model. #OPPSenior Influencers simply must have their senior portraits done by Optical Poetry and are required to pay only for the experience they choose, starting at $699. Check out our experiences and product prices HERE

  • Social sharing images from the model sessions will be provided at no additional cost. 

  • Referrals will earn albums, canvas prints, larger photo prints, etc.

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