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Don't Just Stand There, Bust a Move!

Updated: Jul 10

I always start my client consultations by explaining that while I DO know how to take technically good pictures, I think my true gift is capturing personalities. That, of course, relies heavily on a senior's willingness to open up, be themselves, and HAVE FUN!

One of the ways I help this process along is by asking my senior client to move in some way. Many times this is jumping, leaping, or performing their activity or sport. Often, these images are unusable, but the expressions immediately following this movement are some of the most genuine smiles, laughter and joy that I capture in a session. Sometimes, however, the actual images of movement turn out pretty cool too.

So, if you are reading this preparing for own #oppsenior session, then let these action images be an inspiration. Try to think of some action you can do that would express your personality best. Of course I'll be there to help if you can't think of anything!

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