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What's Your VIBE?

The first step to creating your senior pictures with Optical Poetry is a personal consultation at my office in McKinney and my first question is always, "What's your vibe?". What I mean by this is, are you a "boho hippy", a "country girl/guy", a "city girl/guy", an "athlete", an "artist", a "musician", or something else entirely? Knowing how you see yourself in a general sense points me in a direction and allows me to start throwing ideas around to see what sticks out to you. This will help us choose your locations, outfits and portray that vibe that you already have.

The ultimate goal for me is to capture "YOU doing YOU". The reason my pictures look "different" than anything else you have probably seen is because each individual senior is different and I try my hardest to capture that uniqueness. So while a 1 hour consult might seem a little inconvenient, it is ultimately what lays the foundation for your unique senior session. It is what makes your pictures stand out from the dozens of basic photos your friends keep sharing on Senior Sunday. You're not basic; let's show who you are!

Here are some great examples of past clients showing their unique VIBE.

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