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What to Wear in Senior Pictures - Girls

This is by far my #1 question that clients ask. What should I wear??? While I have to say that the STYLE depends on a few factors, your personality and the location you have chosen, there are still some steadfast rules that always apply.

You need to plan your wardrobe. What you wear can make or break a photo. While most people think "black is slimming", wearing all black can actually add bulk in photos because it just looks like one solid mass with few details, like where your waist is and where your legs begin. This is why I recommend steering clear of an all black outfit, whether it be a dress, pant suit, jumpsuit or top and bottom. BUT, it is okay to wear black pants OR a black top, just mix it with something that contrasts. Here are some examples of past clients who got it right.

Another good rule is to stick with solid colors. Jewel tones, bold colors or pastels all photograph nicely and tend to keep you as the focus of the photo. Royal blue is a color that looks good on pretty much everyone and really stands out on camera. If you really love a color, embrace it and plan a whole look around it. In the last photo, even her nails are yellow!

Fitted clothes look best. Not too loose and not too tight. Loose clothes add width in camera and too tight clothes are not flattering. Unless you LOVE your arms, long sleeved or ¾ sleeve is best. I also recommend long sleeved shirts with shorts or a skirt, even though that might feel weird. It tends to put the focus on your exposed skin, which would be your face and legs. If you have nice legs, this is an easy way to draw attention to them and keeps you from showing too much skin in general.

White is another color that looks great in moderation. Head to toe white can start to cause details to be lost, but a white top, dress, or pants/shorts can be really nice in photos.

I know I've talked a lot about color, but there are also some styles that I really recommend for photos. One of those is LAYERS. I love a nice denim jacket, leather jacket, cardigan sweater or button shirt. Not only does it add visual interest, it gives you something to interact with and take off for a whole new look in less than 5 seconds!

Another style that I love in photographs is "off-the-shoulder" or "cold shoulder". The detail adds visual interest and is just the right amount of flirty without going overboard.

Finally, I love prints and think they look fabulous in photos. Especially if they have something to do with the location you're in, like a field of sunflowers for example. Florals are always nice as well as animal prints, if they fit your personality.

The one print I tell everyone to avoid is horizontal stripes. These are stripes that go across your body. They have the undesired effect of making you look larger than you are in photos and who wants that?! I am, however, a HUGE fan of vertical stripes, especially large ones.

Another popular look that many don't think of is to wear your prom dress or another formal dress. Often you only get to wear it once, even though you looked your most beautiful. Bust that baby out of the closet and and take it on location. You might be surprised how great a fancy dress looks in field of hay or in an old English phone booth ;-)



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