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First 2020 #OPPSenior knocks it out of the park!!

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

We have kicked off the 2020 Senior Portrait season with one of our #OPPSenior Model Reps, Shae. We started at The Fabrication Yard where she brought an edgy outfit to go with the graffiti and urban vibe. It was HOT, so she was a real trooper in the leather jacket and boots. We shot a few at Trinity Groves and walked what seemed like 100 miles over the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge for a few as well. The 2nd location for our session was a rare chance to shoot at The Arboretum at sunset. Normally, the park closes at 5pm, so sunset shots aren't possible. We found a little loophole and basically had the park to ourselves. It was AMAZING! Again, Shae brought the perfect outfit with her long Free People dress and boho accessories. The sunset was stunning and the resulting images are some of my favorite of all time.

Enjoy this sneak peek while I finish editing the rest of the beautiful pictures!



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