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How to Personalize YOUR Session

It is of the utmost importance to me (and I hope you) that each senior session is completely unique to the individual. While location and wardrobe selection gets us about 1/2 way there, the other 1/2 relies on each senior bringing items with them that represent who they are.

For example, in this image of Jackson, while the fact that we are in his locker room and he is wearing his uniform make it personal to him, adding the little details like his previous years' jerseys hanging in the lockers, his multiple pairs of game shoes, his school's basketball trophy and his letter jacket with the Class of 2020 proudly showing bring this otherwise simple image up a notch on the individuality scale.

Another example of a Class of 2020 senior personalizing her session by bringing props that are important to her, is this image of Kesley. She has been running cross-country since her Freshman year. She brought all of the running shoes that she has worn out over her cross-country career and we created this beautiful image to showcase the work she has put in and the beautiful colors of her shoes (and of course those amazing eyes!).

A few years ago, Caleb brought his trumpet and wore his letter jacket that he earned by being a part of the marching band. Showcasing his beloved instrument and highlighting his Class of 18 patch made this lovely image very personal to him and his family.

Sometimes the props are a little larger, but I always say GO BIG or GO HOME! While planning Tristen's session, she mentioned that she races dirt bikes on the weekends and I was immediately excited to see her bike. When I saw that it had her name in the graphics I knew we had to use it. What resulted was an image that was published in Inspiring Teen Magazine

Did these images spark any ideas for your #oppsenior session?? Let's create something that shows your individuality, accomplishments, interests and personality!

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