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Location, Location, Location

While what you wear, how your hair and makeup look and how you pose are all important to the final outcome of your photos, equally important are the locations you choose. The location can set the feel and mood, create a colorful backdrop, make your photos unique among your friends and most importantly, make the experience memorable.

One of the first things discussed at a new client consultation is the location. I bring examples of past work, ask if you have access to any cool, exclusive locations, and then help you choose exactly where your session will take place. So, if you are in the planning process for your session right now, start thinking about your favorite places, looks, moods etc. Are you a country boy who likes dirt roads and epic sunsets? Are you a city girl who loves it when the city lights up at night? Let's capture you in a location that helps to tell your story!

Country: Remote country roads, dirt roads, open fields, ponds, sunflower fields, old trucks, hay bales and waterfalls.

City: Murals, skyline views, graffiti, architecture and streets

Sports Specific: The field where you play, your locker room, the park where you run, etc.

Special Locations: Maybe YOU have access to something that no one else has?? Perhaps there is some place that is special to you?


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Danny W
Danny W
Oct 09, 2021

Good posst

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